Attic Academy

jacket:  n/a   |  faux fur coat:   disturbia    |  bag:  urban outfitters   |  skirt:  free people   |  boots:  free people   |  alien ring:  disturbia

jacket: n/a  |  faux fur coat: disturbia  |  bag: urban outfitters  |  skirt: free people  |  boots: free people  |  alien ring: disturbia

Lydia Deetz goes to college. I only wish I could see her. She's past the days of lurking in attics, fraternizing with spirits, but her style hasn't changed. She takes well to the mathematical sublime, such as found in curves that cut a good staircase...has no problem finding the best ones on campus. There she hovers on her breaks, on steps that are not just steps to her, but a limbo of sorts: the space between blocks of time, levels of land. Lydia drinks her coffee black and doodles exquisite corpses over her notebooks. University opened her mind to her own dynamic nature, so she dyes her hair white as a reminder to embrace light. I only wish I could see her.