Velvet Villain

dress:  free people   |  raincoat:   disturbia    |  bra:  asos   |  phone case:  urban outfitters

dress: free people |  raincoat: disturbia  |  bra: asos  |  phone case: urban outfitters

Forgive my absence, but I've spent the past month and a half in another world. I'm figuring things out, even when the only out I figure is down.

There are things I want to share, others I'd like to capture, more still I yearn to preserve. In the bustle, I find myself settling for stowing observations in my iPhone. This with a promise that during eventual recollection, the thoughts will transfer to you. Soon.

Biding my time till the weekend, when I can seek comfort in immortality.

I miss you.

There is much love I've yet to give. Thank you for staying with me.

I long to make it worth your while.