Village of the Damned

first look:   lime crime velveteen in marshmallow   |    second LOOK:    LIME CRIME VELVETEEN IN t  eddy bear    |  button up:  vintage   |  cutoffs:   one teaspoon    |  top:   free people   

first look: lime crime velveteen in marshmallow  |  second LOOK: LIME CRIME VELVETEEN IN teddy bear  |  button up: vintage |  cutoffs: one teaspoon  |  top: free people 

There's something uncanny about white monochrome. It can achieve a level of eeriness to rival even head-to-toe black. I am helplessly in love with both, which is why I dubbed the former "beach goth." And these photos are my representation of beach goth, beauty edition...If the beach in question were connected to an old beach town, where girls with hair sun-bleached to unnatural dimensions ride bicycles to nowhere, baskets brimming with decaying roses; wear glitter on their lashes, their whereabouts unknown for twenty hours of the day, whereupon they return home, tight-lipped and shedding sand...