Summer(s) | A short film

Time is ephemeral, yet curiously layered.

These days, I keep stalking open windows, hoping to catch a whiff of air with an aroma that is indescribable in any way other than that it smells of summer. It's still early, but I've lived enough to know that summer will descend without warning, so I suspect it's closer than the current weather makes it seem. One day, you will wake up, and find yourself sitting in it.

So it is in the spirit of summer that I've made this little video inspired by the summer mood, that perplexing blend of stale and fresh, of nostalgia and longing, of lethargy and drive for adventure. The short explores the concept that each summer does not stand alone, but is rather an amalgam of every summer that came before it. The style is my attempt to pay tribute to the French films which led to my love affair with cinema. 

Those days, the unfamiliarity of the French language enabled the words to wash over me like music. Combined with subtitles which read like poetry on the screen, it was gold. I remember thinking how beautiful that film is this magical fusion of the, sound, and words, but all set to motion. 

Watch my first fashion film short:

In Summer(s), the pseudo subtitles (mismatched to the voiceover) are my words. The voiceovers are readings of poems by Charles Baudelaire.